Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service do you provide?

There are many terms that the industry uses such as GFE, GFE+ or PSE. Everyone has a different way of interpreting these services. I must say that if I were to use any of these terms it would be GFE (Girlfriend Experience). Why? Due to the possible repercussions, I must feel safe in what I do and be comfortable and my restrictions have to be respected at all times. I enjoy being stress-free and have a need to know that my encounters and I are on the same level of perception, otherwise, I may not be the right companion for you. I'm absolutely sure that there are many more providers that are more willingly open that can accommodate you but chances are that they provide these services to ALL the gentlemen that they meet. Therefore, DFK, DATY, MSOG, BBBJ......everything is on the menu. MY ONLY RESTRICTION IS GREEK!

Can I be assured of high quality?


While everyone has their own idea of ‘the perfect woman, I SPECIALIZE in the art of Listening, and of attention to detail. And once I am certain of your preferences and needs, I am usually extremely confident of introducingmyself as a high end sex artist for you. I know the true meaning of ‘high end’. For those who are feeling unsure, due to previous unpleasant experiences with other courtesanes, I offer our 100% guarantee of quality to put your mind at ease. My reputation is solid and i have been in the industry since 2013. You can look up my reviews on my Testimonials.

Do you choose the gentlemen that I meet with?

It is my personal choice that I choose to meet with very few selected men who can respect themselves while having the time of their lives. I must say that the connection we build along the way has to be mutual in order for us to exchange energies on a deeper level. My gentlemen must be over 40. Why? I love this question. This is a personal choice based on connection, life experience and attraction and also the way a man can honour the way I can bring vitality into his life. So please do accept my sincere apologies to all you devoted younger men.

I prefer quality over quantity. I have a strong penchant for respectful, down to earth men who want to have an engaging experience with a well-educated, discreet and charming companion.

Do you entertain at bachelor parties or enjoy couples or women?

No. Unfortunately, I do not entertain at bachelor parties as i wold rather be with a gentlemen one-on-one. But yes i do provide couples services and I have a magical way of approaching the a couple who has never done this before. It is important for the woman to feel at ease with me at first so that there are no misunderstandings and that I am aware of all the needs and restrictions provided so we can have a memorable experience. Please note that i require a minimum of 3 hours in order for us to get to know eachother and in order to have a better connection.


Why do you provide only an Email or Text to arrange Rendez-Vous?

In my personal experience, the mind has a great place for imagination and other than talking on the phone which can be time-consuming, many have called to flirt and ask personal information with no intention of arranging a rendez-vous. I sincerely apologize for the wonderful gents who have no bad intentions but I can assure you that I rapidly view and respond to every email within 24 hours. Even if it is a last minute arrangement, it may be possible if you are clear and precise.

As you send an email please provide a small introduction of yourself including:

  • Your full name 

  • Age (40+)

  • Occupation

  • City of residence (always appreciated)

  • Date, time, duration and location of the Rendez-Vous (Downtown, Laval or Montreal airport)

  • If you have any other questions please ask as well so we can arrange to meet as fast as possible.

Can I rely on the review boards?

I'm not a fan of these review boards. I believe there is a woman out there for every man and  I don't think that everyone is perfect but unless you can be polite and courteous towards the person you are reviewing than fantastic. If you need to degrade a companion who did not fulfill your needs, then you are lacking self-respect. These boards are also anonymous, therefore anyone can post anything.

I've never contacted a companion before, is it nerve-wracking or intimidating?

Of course, I often get this kind of email from gentlemen and I will look at it as a compliment. I am a very down-to-earth non-judgemental kind of human just like you, oh, by the way, I already embarrassed myself plenty of times.

How do you guarantee my privacy?

Discretion is my priority for you, next to safety. All correspondence is tightly protected, encrypted, and kept 100% confidential, forever. I don’t keep records, and when your appointment is over, your details are destroyed. Your details are NEVER disclosed to a third party outside of the website. . Discretion is guaranteed by website, and the same is respectfully expected from you, as the same legal obligation applies. (Please see my disclaimer, to understand what you agree to by visiting my website and calling me and utilizing my services.)